Everything New 2 U started with a trip to the attic belonging to a dearly departed friend. While sifting through the years of collected treasures, it got us thinking the old saying, "Ye who dies with the most toys wins." can't possibly be true.  Our departed friend often spoke of the places they wanted to visit and other things they wanted to do, but unfortunately were unable to. We stumbled across an old musical instrument that could have paid for a number of vacations, but instead was kept  hidden away in the attic with countless other treasures like so many of us have hidden away. We all have our own 'bucket list', (Things we want to do in our remaining years) and have decided that we would rather play Bingo than wonder if that old Barbie Doll is still in my closet, or take a trip to Hawaii rather than burn our Ex-Husband's Playboys. That's why we have decided to invite you to Everything New 2 U, where slightly used things can still be new 2 U!